The problem with most sculptures is that they are expensive to make so the only sculptures that get made are the ones that rich people pay for.  And as they are paying for the sculptures  they get to say what they are about. That is why most of the sculptures in the UK are of slave traders and politicians like Margaret Thatcher, role models for the rich.  

In an attempt to change that distorted view of our history we are trying to come up with a way to make  sculptures that tell our stories, the stories of Everyone, using modern materials.

This is a photo of Alf.  Alf is a life-sized plaster sculpture of a 19th Century Pembroke Dock Yard Worker. 

Alf will be carved in whatever I can get hold of  and then placed in or around Pembroke Dockyard to help tell the story of  the  Dock Yard workers.

Hopefully Alf will be the first of many such statues, all telling the stories of Pembroke Dock and the People who built the Town not the landowners who all of the streets are named after.